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gastro surgeon in Nashik

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Battling with persistent digestive issues or obesity complications? The upper gastrointestinal tract can be the source of various health problems that hinder your quality of life. Dr. Sandeep Sabnis specializes in addressing these problem areas through minimally invasive upper GI laparoscopic surgery, targeting conditions like acid reflux, hernias, and obesity, thereby paving the way for significant health improvement and wellbeing.

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Discover specialized bariatric surgery solutions in Nashik, tailored to alleviate weight loss challenges and enhance your well-being. Our renowned facility boasts leading gastrointestinal surgeons, ensuring top-tier care and expertise. Utilizing modern techniques, including minimally invasive procedures, we prioritize your swift recovery and minimal discomfort. Choose our clinic for a trusted gastrointestinal surgery consultation in Nashik.

gastro surgeon in Nashik

Signs You Might Have Upper GI Issues:

If you suffer from…

What Is Achalasia Cardia?

When you are having difficulty in swallowing food, chances are you might be having a medical condition called dysphagia. There can be multiple reasons why you might have dysphagia, but a rare cause is another underlying condition called Achalasia Cardia. If you have been affected by this health condition, the point of intersection between the lower end of the food pipe and the stomach does not adequately open whenever you try to swallow food. This causes the food to remain stagnant in the food pipe, which results in vomiting.

As a result, you may become malnourished and start losing weight. Moreover, the food pipe starts dilating because of delayed gastric emptying, medically termed gastric stasis or gastroparesis. Eventually, you may not get enough nutrients and vitamins and develop protein-energy malnutrition. This significantly impairs your quality of life, and if you do not go for the proper treatment, it can lead to some serious complications.

Upper GI Surgery in Nashik

Uncover the Transformative Power of Upper GI Surgery in Nashik: Experience the benefits of minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures that ensure reduced recovery times and minimal scarring, making them the top choice for those seeking effective weight loss solutions.

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How to Get Rid of Your Swallowing Difficulties?

Laparoscopic Heller procedure and laparoscopic partial fundoplication are the surgeries performed to treat patients affected by Achalasia Cardia. It is a very delicate surgery that involves splitting up muscles at the bottom end of the oesophagus without having to open the lumen. If you want to end your GI-related misery in a hassle-free way, this is probably the best laparoscopic procedure that will bring relief.

Dr. Sandeep Sabnis, the best laparoscopic surgeon in Nashik, has loads of experience under his name and is a specialist when it comes to carrying out these laparoscopic surgeries. The post-operative recovery is speedy, offering you amazingly instant relief.

Explore Upper GI Surgery Options with Dr. Sabnis in Nashik

Cancer of Stomach

Any form of cancer is understandably worrying, and if it is related to the upper GI tract, it can be agonizingly painful. Stomach cancer typically occurs from the cells forming the stomach’s inner lining (the mucosa) and is medically termed adenocarcinoma. This cancer type can either partially affect the stomach or the entire stomach. It has also been observed that this type of cancer can also cause harm the lower part of the food pipe.

Patients affected by gastric cancer can experience any one or more of the following symptoms:
• Bloating
• Fatigue
• Feeling full after having a small meal
• Nausea and vomiting
• Sudden weight loss
• Persistent heartburn
• Anorexia

Stomach Cancer Treatment in Nashik

Dr. Sabnis offers different treatment options for stomach cancer, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and targeted therapy. The treatment provided varies depending on the stage of cancer and the condition of the patient.

Laparoscopic Surgery for Stomach Cancer

If cancer has been detected in the early stages, it can be cured by surgery with or without therapeutic intervention. The surgery not just involvesthe removal of the tumour but also gets rid of the adjacent lymph nodes. This form of radical surgery removes all the possible cancer cells and can be performed laparoscopically in the experienced hands of a renowned laparoscopic surgeon in Nashik. This minimally invasive surgery is less painful andhelps you to recover much earlier than what it takes in general surgery.

Common Conditions that Require Upper GI Surgery

Upper GI surgery is often needed for conditions like acid reflux and heartburn due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hernias, gastrointestinal cancer, gallstones, and pancreatitis. These issues can lead to symptoms that significantly affect quality of life, necessitating surgical intervention for relief and treatment​.

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours or GIST

It is a form of tumour that can occur at any part of your intestinal tract, usually affecting the small intestine and the stomach. Although these tumours can be either slightly or highly malignant, most of them can be laparoscopically removed. You may, however, require some additional therapy both before and after the surgery.

Begin Your Journey to Wellness with Dr. Sabnis's Upper GI Surgery in Nashik

Treatment Options for Benign and Malignant Oesophageal Diseases and Disorders

Under the guidance of Dr. Sandeep Sabnis, our distinguished team specializing in Upper GI surgery in Nashik has successfully conducted an extensive array of laparoscopic procedures. Among the specialized treatment options we offer are:

• Laparoscopic Dor fundoplication
• Laparoscopic Toupet fundoplication
• SILS fundoplication
• Laparoscopic Nissen’s fundoplication
• Laparoscopic Heller’s Cardiomyotomy
• Laparoscopic Transhiatal Esophagectomy
• Laparoscopic Excision of Oesophageal lesions like GIST, leiomyomas
• Laparoscopic Proximal Gastrectomy
• Thoracolap Esophagectomy
• Laparoscopic Feeding Jejunostomy
• Laparoscopic surgery for chronic gastric volvulus
• Laparoscopic Fundoplication for GERD

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Dr. Sandeep Sabnis, a certified gastro surgeon in Nashik, excels in advanced upper gastrointestinal surgery with nine years of experience. Specializing in liver transplantation and minimally invasive procedures, he offers cutting-edge treatments, including bariatric surgeries and laparoscopic hernia repairs, ensuring high-quality patient care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minimally invasive techniques, including laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, offer several advantages over traditional surgery, such as shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, less postoperative pain, quicker recovery times, and less noticeable scarring​

Recovery can vary widely depending on the surgery type and the patient’s overall health. Routine procedures might allow patients to go home the same day, while more complex surgeries could require a hospital stay. Post-surgery, patients might need assistance with daily tasks and are encouraged to engage in gentle exercise to prevent complications like blood clots​​​​. For specific procedures like upper GI endoscopy, patients should expect to rest at home after the procedure and may experience temporary bloating, nausea, or a sore throat. Instructions for care after the procedure will be provided, and it’s crucial to follow these for a smooth recovery

Upper GI surgery can involve several procedures, such as oesophagectomy (surgery to treat oesophageal tumours by removing all or part of the oesophagus), gastrectomy (surgery to treat stomach tumours, involving the full or partial removal of the stomach), and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for the resection of stomach and oesophageal tumours

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